Dr. Jonathan Lasson

Meet Dr. Jonathan Lasson

Dr. Jonathan Lasson is in private practice in Maryland. He specializes in neuropsychology, neuropsychological assessments and has a general clinical practice where he works with most population groups. A graduate of Miami Institute of Psychology, Dr. Lasson began his clinical work in Miami, Florida and completed his internship at Atlantic Shores Hospital.

Dr. Lasson has taught at several local universities and speaks on topics including concussions in athletes and first responders as well as premarital education and learning disabilities. His humor and interactive nature has made him a sought after speaker and presenter.

Jonathan Lasson: Cake Prep

Dr. Lasson created a program for engaged couples, called CAKE PREP that enables them to have greater success in their marriage. Dr. Lasson has written articles about his experiences as a therapist and is the author of The Guilt Trap and Other Tales of Psychotherapy.