From the desk of Dr. Jonathan Lasson

Dr. Jonathan Lasson recalls a conversation he had with a parent who was concerned about his eight year old son. The concern centered primarily around his picky eating and some his son’s obsessive compulsive behaviors. As is typical during a first session, Dr. Lasson asked the father some questions about his child’s behaviors both at home and at school. The father was able to accurately describe his finicky eating behaviors and constant need to click his heel on the floor every four steps taken. However, he could not tell me much about his child’s school. He did not know the names of his son’s teachers, what his son’s favorite subject was at school and believe it or not, he told Dr. Lasson that his son was in fourth grade when, in reality, his son was still in third grade.

A while ago, Dr. Lasson recalls begrudgingly accepting an honor of alumnus of the year at one of his his children’s schools. The school Board approached Dr. Lasson  and stated that because of his and his wife’s active involvement in the school, they would make great honorees. When Dr. Lasson read his acceptance speech in the large auditorium at Beth Tfiloh School, he scanned the audience and noticed this father whom he counseled a few years back, sitting off to the side.

Although most of his speech was scripted, Dr. Lasson added in some lines about the importance of becoming involved in the education of your children and being active and visible in their schools.Not everyone has the money to donate to schools but everyone can make some time to get involved. As entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn once said, “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time.

Remembering back to his session with that father, Dr. Lasson wished to impart the message that volunteering time for your child’s school is more valuable than the money you can ever possibly donate. By donating your time, you are showing that you are vested in your child’s education and will make every effort to get to know the most important people in the world. The teachers of your children and most important, YOUR CHILDREN.

A second benefit to getting involved that is often overlooked is the subconscious lesson you are imparting to your children. That lesson is that the only reason why I want to know who your teachers are, what subjects you enjoy most, which subjects you find that are most challenging, is because I love you and care so much about you. Indeed , Dr. Lasson has seen the fruits of his labor as his children have all become involved in their alma maters.

Getting involved does not always mean giving a million dollars for scholarships, although it is greatly appreciated. Getting involved could mean volunteering at a school dinner, joining  a committee, making phone calls etc.

Make a difference in your child’s education and GET INVOLVED!!!

Dr. Jonathan M. Lasson is a writer and public speaker living in Baltimore, MD. His website is