Dr. Jonathan Lasson

Dr. Jonathan Lasson​ helps you live guilt-free again. You were not born with guilt.

Dr. Jonathan Lasson’s private sessions and interactive, fun-filled seminars will transform your life into one of meaning and purpose.

If you are stuck in the guilt trap-learn proven methods to use your leftover guilt as a motivator and feel guilt free once again.

Dr. Jonathan Lasson’s books Out of the Cracks and Other Tales of Psychotherapy and The Guilt Trap and Other Tales of Psychotherapy are available now. 

Every week we read a Torah portion. The Torah contains so many concepts that psychologists have now conceptualized. They have been there since the beginning of time. I will show you each week another insight we can glean from the Torah portion of the week.

Here is what some experts say:

“Dr. Jonathan Lasson demonstrates the rare combination of clinician acumen, sense of humor, and humane compassion for the individuals in his care. The Guilt Trap is a source of encouragement and inspiration for all who face the challenges of working with similar populations.”
—Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb 
Executive Vice President, Emeritus ,Orthodox Union
Editor in Chief, Koren Talmud Bavli 
Author, Person in the Parasha

Understanding the meaning of guilt in our daily life can be a powerful source of growth, insight, and self-awareness. In “The Guilt Trap and Other Tales of Psychotherapy”, Dr. Jonathan Lasson has illuminated the many ways that understanding the role of guilt and its’ various manifestations can serve as a road-map to improving the quality of our relationship with ourselves and others . Dr. Lasson models how he has grown from honestly confronting various challenges, successes and failures in his professional life. He skillfully uses powerful stories to illustrate his personal experiences as a therapist drawing us into a deeper understanding of how therapy can make our lives better. I recommend this book to anybody who is interested in attaining a deeper understanding of the therapeutic process and insight into the process of change.
—Dr. David Pelcovitz
Straus Chair in Psychology and Education, Yeshiva University

“In The Guilt Trap and Other Tales of Psychotherapy, Dr. Jonathan Lasson presents a vivid demonstration of what can actually happen in the therapy office. With compassion and humor, Dr. Lasson brings out the glory and drama that comes with being a therapist. A must read for up and coming therapists as well as anyone who would like to be a ‘fly on the wall’ inside a skilled therapists office.
—Dr. David Lieberman
World renowned psychologist, public speaker and author of Never Get Angry Again and Make Peace with Anyone 

Whether you represent a church, synagogue, school or organization, let me come to you and present information on how to live, work and love guilt free. Over the past 20 years, I have spoken nationally and internationally on the topic of guilt and I can come to you as well. Call me in advance of your company/organization’s event so I can custom tailor a talk that would benefit your crowd. My talks are interactive and everyone will come away with a great burden removed from their shoulders.

In 1999, I conducted research to determine what couples would like to discuss in premarital counseling sessions. Based on the responses from engaged, married and divorced individuals, I came up with a systematic approach that addresses issues which are essential to a successful marriage.

I encourage all couples to sign up for these transformative classes that will help get you off to a great start in your relationship and will help you foster deeper and more meaningful connections with your partner.

Seminars and couples retreats are excellent ways to reconnect with your partners. Learn techniques of effective communication, managing finances, connecting with each other sexually, managing your anger, dealing with extended family and raising successful children. Most important is to have a guilt free marriage!

Connect with other couples on one of our retreats led by professionals in the areas of marriage and sex therapy, managing fiances and raising successful children.